Wednesday, August 17, 2011

69 is HOT!

What? No, of course I didn't mean that - I meant that after all of the hot weather here in Jersey, you would think that running this morning in temperatures that are about 69*F should feel, well ... cooler. 

So... even though it was a bit breezy this AM, the humidity is still about 40% and it really doesn't make it feel any cooler. Anyway, I love Wednesdays because I meet with my coach. I really enjoy the training because he is very encouraging, patient and, above all he knows his "*hit"! 

I tend to always want to push myself to exhaustion, but Coach is always telling (yelling at) me to pull back, go slower, heart rate is too high or my favorite, "What are you crazy, why would you do that? Don't you know your body has to recover. Your muscles have small micro tears in them - why would you do that?" This is what I hear when I run too fast in a recovery run or when I push too hard on my strength training days.

Sorry Coach!
Today, the humidity was a little hard at first because we went into Hoboken last night. You gotta love a city with a street called Frank Sinatra Drive - which, runs along the Hudson River, on the opposite side of NYC.

First we went to the Madison Bar & Grill for dinner:

 .. and then to City Bistro for a drink on top of the roof.

City Bistro was a cool place and we got to see the Yankees beat the Royals (9-7) on some huge bar screens. We stayed out a little too late. So getting up for my track W/O was a little rough. Still trained hard, but I am glad I didn't need to go all out because I need to get my legs ready for Sunday's Half in PA.
  • Two miles warm-up
  • Six 100m sprints
  • Three sets of:Two 200m @ 6:08 Pace with a 200m jog. Then, one 300m @ 6:40 Pace with a 3 minute rest.
  • One mile cool down
  • Lots of stretching
  • Ab Roller - 100
Train Smart Today!

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