Tuesday, August 16, 2011

America's Camp Send-Off

Today both kids left for America's Camp.
This is the last year for America's Camp, which is pretty sad. For the last six years, my children have gone to this camp where they have bonded with other kids who lost a parent in the WTC attacks. Once the kids reach 16/17 years old, they can become a counselor in training (CIT) and the following year, they can become a counselor. Since we are moving away from the events of 9/11 and the kids are growing older, there are now more counselors and CIT's than there are campers.

So, even though all the Moms stood around in the parking lot, smiling and waving to their campers, we all knew, as the bus pulled away, it was just another chapter coming to a close, in this long, post 9/11 journey. Every parent gets those moments, when they look at their children, and realize, 'Wow, they are growing up so fast!' Well, this was definitely one of those moments - it's just sometimes hard to know you all got there without your spouse.

So, if I do not put in my five miles today and get those endocannabinoids stirring, I will be sitting around with the Kleenex box!

I know, what the heck is an endocannabinoid? Well, apparently endorphins got all the credit in the past for the runner's high, but it is now believed to be a chemical called, endocannabinoid, which the body creates while running, to yield those feelings of "pure happiness and elation, unity with one's self and/or nature - endless peacefulness and inner harmony" ....much like you guessed, cannabis!

Just another reason why running is good for self, soul and sanity.

Train Smart Today!
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