Saturday, August 13, 2011

I play the radio ....

Thursday night Jazz, Art Baron and Friends was great! I am always amazed by those who can play an instrument. I can't play an instrument ....I play the radio!

The saxophone player was 96 years old! He was amazing! I also have never seen anyone play the lap steel guitar before, which was interesting. The young boy playing that guitar was so very talented - he made it sound polynesian in one song and country western in another. Art Baron had the little kids singing and dancing. One little boy was pretending he was playing trombone - he was adorable.

I have no musical talent - that's why, I play the radio! My daughter, though, is extremely talented, musically. That's why she spent the summer at Berklee College of Music (Interesting fact: Art Baron is an alumnus of Berklee!).

The program ended today. I am so glad that she was able to take part in this program. She really got a lot out of it.

The drive up and back in the summer is exhausting. Lots of traffic on I-95. So after that ride, I did not want to run 4 miles - But when does someone ever say, "I wish I did not go for that run?" Usually it's the opposite, "I am so glad I pushed, that felt good!" Before those times when I do not feel like running, I know, the first 1/2 mile will be the hardest, then my music on my iPOD sets in and I find my pace. Good thing I always think of the Nike ads:
 "Just do it!"
Train Smart Today

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