Saturday, August 27, 2011

Food Facts Friday: Macronutrients

I love reading the American Dietetic Association SCAN (Sport, Cardiovascular & Wellness Nutrition) Newsletters. Here are some sport nutrition facts I learned from the 2011 summer issue:


  • During exercise lasting less than 45' there is no need to consume carbs.
  • During exercise lasting 1-2.5 hours, you want to consume about 30-60grams of carbs per hour.
  • During exercise lasting more than 2.5 hours, 60-90grams of carbs per hour.
For reference:
  • A banana or 1 Gu packet is about 25grams
  • An 8oz. glass of lowfat chocolate milk is about 32grams 
  • A power bar is about 40grams carbs.

  • Since we rebuild our muscles at rest, like when we sleep, consuming a small amount, about 100kcals, of a high protein snack pre-bedtime can help you rebuild your muscles.
For reference:
  • A couple of slices of turkey breast, a cheese-stick, 1Tbs of peanut butter or around 16 almonds is about 100Kcals.
  • Eating before exercise - like eating breakfast in the AM - has been shown to increase VO2max (oxygen consumption) and fat utilization. So, eating breakfast before moderate exercise may enhance weight loss.
I thought the "fat fact" was the most fun because it is a little controversial. There have been some recent studies manipulating trained endurance athlete's by having them do intense workouts in a fasted state. The thought here is that the athlete will train their bodies to burn fat stores more efficiently, so when glycogen - the energy stores used by our muscles - run low (like at the end of a half marathon or full marathon), the athlete's body will turn to fat for energy. This is sort of a catch 22 - fasting before exercise limits one's ability to train at intense levels. So, if your goal is to do speed work, it makes sense to feed your body pre-work out, so you can optimize your efforts.

On that note blogger friends, I am escaping hurricane Irene hitting us hear on the northeast and will be back in a few days. In the meanwhile,

Train Smart Today!

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