Friday, August 19, 2011

Melissa's Inspiring Map My Run Story

In the August User Story section of MapMyRun, Melissa shares her story from being obese to getting in shape, becoming a personal trainer and a childhood obesity specialist. She is truly and inspiration. I love how she describes the points at which she realized she wanted to make a change, how she committed to that change and the wonderful goals (Chicago Marathon) she has set for herself. So many times, for all of us, the desire for change is there, but the willingness and commitment lag. So, let's here it for Melissa!!! You go girl!

Let's here it for MapMyRun, too.

I love this website. Last year, I was taking a graduate Applied Exercise Physiology class when one of my classmates asked me how my half marathon training was going. She shared that she was increasing her mileage in hopes of running a half in the Spring 2011. She said, "How do you do it - I hate just running around and around the same streets to reach my mileage."

"No, no, no, girl! OMG! Don't do that!" I was totally afraid for her - I thought 'she's gotta be bored out of her gourd' - this could totally squash her goal to run a 13.1 - or worse - (cringe and look away) - she might get so bored, she could give up running completely! No, no, no - we couldn't have that.

I immediately guided her to MapMyRun. I told her, to go to the pull down tab labeled "Route", Click "Map A Run" and when the new screen pops up, type in your "Starting Location", "Type of Activity" and why you are doing the run: "This is for ___". The next screen is a map with the streets in your area, just aim your mouse pointer, click and Map A Run. I mentioned that if she wants to "undo" something, the controls are in a Control Box in upper right corner of the map, which also tells you the distance of your run, as you map it.

My Professor was impressed, too, explaining to the class that this is exactly what the class, Applied Exercise Physiology, was all about! He also loved my explanation of what constitutes a great pair of running socks, but I won't bore you with those details . . . yet.

MapMyRun is a great tool. Even on short runs - like my simple 3.75 miles run today (I am still scaling back for my half marathon in Titusville, PA on Sunday). I can use it to map a run on streets that I have never been on before or for a completely different course around a local park. It just spices up your runs - especially those long weekly runs. I encourage you to go on MapMyRun and play around with the site, plan a run and, as always -

Train Smart Today! 
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