Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Hurricane Irene
In spite of knowing that Hurricane Irene was coming, we decided to continue with our plans and travel to Chicago. While we were away, we had family stop by the house to make sure the yard didn't flood or trees didn't crash through the roof. Thank God, we did not have any damage.

Many people were evacuated because their streets became flooded. Others had their basements flood, and others had trees fall on their homes or their cars. We have been spared - it is an answered prayer. This is not to say that there is not cleaning up to be done - there are many small to medium sized branches down all over the yard that need to be collected. Then, I can't wait to blog about my crazy runs along Lake Michigan! Here's a preview:

It was weird to travel to Chicago for fun - and not because I planned to run in a half-marathon. Also, it is never easy being the only one getting up early on vacation to run. I had to search my brain for motivators, like:
  1. The views along Lake Michigan were unbelievably beautiful!
  2. It was easy to run along the lake because it was flat.
  3. I've never been to Chicago for fun - only business! So it was my own way to get out and explore Chicago's Lakeshore Area in my running kicks!
These motivators worked for me - but I am always up to hear what other people use to help motivate them to keep up their training while on vacation. Until then ...

Train Smart Today!

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