Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rainy Sunday

It's pouring rain today. I do not like when it rains on Sunday because it's my long run day. Some people don't mind running in the rain - I don't mind the drizzling rain - sometimes it feels good, especially on a hot summer day - but the pouring rain can ruin sneakers - so, I'd rather not run in the rain.

Since we got a lot of snow last winter and the snow was piled high, everywhere, there was literally no where to run on these small Jersey streets. So, I decided to buy a new treadmill. I donated my older treadmill to the high school in town and researched what would be a good fit for me. My coach recommended a few, so I went to Leisure Fitness and tried them out. I really liked the Landice treadmills. So, I purchased the ProSports L7 Model. I like that I can watch my position on a 400 meter track, along with monitoring my heart rate, pace, distance and overall time.

On rainy days, like today, it really helps to be able to hop on a treadmill and log in some miles.

Today's W/O: Run 5miles. Slow pace 8:50. I can't ever seem to run very fast on the treadmill.
Conditioning: Abs/Core: Ab Fitness Slide & Scissor Kicks.

NOTE: I really love the Ab Slide and the Ab Wheel - two great ab products worthy of investing in!!!

Train Smart Today!
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