Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Recovery" Speed Work

Okay, I got to the track to train with my coach and he said that I was to do "recovery speed work" Isn't that an oxymoron? It went like this:
  • Two mile warm-up
  • Run 2:30' at tempo pace, walk 30'
  • Run 2:20' at tempo pace, walk 30'
  • Run 2:10' at tempo pace, walk 30'
  • Run 2:00' at tempo pace, walk 30'
  • Repeat down to 30'
  • One mile cool down
  • Stretch
Wow! I am really glad he went "easy" on me! I'm a little tired today, so the stretching was a welcomed end to today's training.
I am not big on stretching before I run - this is based on the recent articles that state pre-competition stretching may compromise a muscle's ability to produce maximal force and decrease performance. Plus, it always makes sense that stretching should be done after the muscles are warmed up. Since the ACSM recommends that stretches are held for at least 20-30 seconds, I like to use my Garmin to make sure I hold a nice easy stretch for this amount of time.

So today, was a good little workout that allowed me to still have enough energy to invite my nephew's family to dinner! Yeay, I get to see my little Grand-niece! Since I did the Pikermi, I wasn't able to celebrate her 1 year old birthday this past Sunday - but tonight will be great!

Tonight's menu: Roasted chicken with artichoke hearts, black olives and green peppers, Whole grain rice, string beans salad with feta and a green salad with tomatoes. I always use olive oil when I  cook and in my salad dressings and according to the ADA, those who regularly use olive oil for cooking and in their salad dressings have a 41% lower risk of stroke than those who never use olive oil in their diet! 

Buon Apetito and... 
Train Smart Today!

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