Thursday, August 11, 2011

Scaling back

Okay, I am already scaling back to prepare for my next half in Titutusville, Pennsylvania. This better be good because I am missing my one year old "grand" nieces birthday!

My run today was only 4 miles. I also did some core: abs via crunches and planks (bridges).

I also used my foam roller for my iliotibial band and piriformis, calves and feet. This really helps break up the fascia tissue to speed healing - especially since I am squeezing 2 halves so close together.

Tonight, I am in for a treat! Jazz at Lincoln Center in the Time Warner Building. Art Baron and Friends will be playing in a studio in the Time Warner building where Paul McCartney and Stevie Wonder have both recorded. He is voluntarily playing, for Tuesday's Children families - WOW, what a blessing!

Train Smart Today!
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