Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I am back in the AM saddle - who is with me? 
Coffee..Ready, Set...Go!!!
Today I started my waking up at 5AM Tuesday/Thursday routine to squeeze in two weekly workouts.

Someone please tell me why I was getting change for the meters? No one cares if the meters have $ in them at 5AM!

60*F & Raining! YUK!

Gotta love my wing man for supporting the 5AM routine:
So, this routine is the only way I can get it all done while going to school full time, trying to get a patent off the ground (more on that another time!), raising two teenagers and taking care of my home and yard/garden... and blogging!

There is a new koi fish in my garden.
My daughter received one as a gift for her birthday! 
So, in the wee hours this morning I was at the gym!

I couldn't do my usual leg strengthening routine because tomorrow I have a track workout and Sunday I am running a half marathon in Connecticut (my seventh state, woo-hoo)! That is just too much catabolic activity for my legs and because I absolutely love to run - I am really careful to not overtrain and get injured! In fact, that's why I did calves today. Yesterday, I had a little pain in my left heel - my aching calcaneus - yes I am a biology nerd!

So this morning, I spent some time strengthening the muscles surrounding my ankle along with the dorsal and ventral foot muscles - I wasn't lying, I really am a bio-nerd. I followed up with lots of calf stretches.

Calves on the Cybex!
Tonight, I will massage my feet by rolling a frozen golf ball along the bottom of them.  This exercise helps massage the fascia tissue that runs from the heel to the arch of the foot. You may be familiar with this this strong band of fascia (connective) tissue  - especially if you run - yes, my friends, it is that which is involved in that very painful condition, otherwise known as (look away, look away) Plantar fasciitis! Oh dread! Get that golf ball out of the freezer, STAT!

Overall, my morning routine went smoothly! I even did a weight lifting pyramid with the dip machine to help increase strength while building endurance. I love these - they are so intense!
Train Smart Today!

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