Saturday, September 10, 2011

Highlights of "The View"

Here are some pics of my trip into NYC to watch the filming of ABC's "The View".

Girls Day in NYC
Okay so we had to wait a really long time in the rain - like from 10AM to 12PM! My sissy asked the man behind us to take this picture - I think he was one of three men out of 200 people that were at the taping! Poor guy!
Me and My Sissy and My Niece
If you look closely - you can see a lady behind us chugging down an Apples & Eve Fruitables. She must have been starving like we were! By the time we entered the studio - it was 1PM. I guess ABC felt bad that they made us wait so very long, so they gave out the juice and Keebler Shortbread Fudge Stripe Cookies. I felt like I was in kindergarten and it was snack time! I didn't know adults still ate cookies like that.

My sissies had to calm me down - I was flipping out with the ingredients: partially hydrogenated oil and high fructose corn syrup, eee-gads! Then, someone next to us drove it home when they told us when they saw a Martha Stewart taping there were fresh baked goods! I asked one of the ushers if there were any vending machines - maybe I could get pretzels? No luck.

When we finally sat down, we all noticed how small the studio looked in real life.
The View Studio

Barbara Walters looked so small in real life, too. I didn't realize how petite she was. She was absolutely great - still wearing her heels and still the quintessential lady at 82years young! At the end she realized that in order to close the show correctly, something needed to be cut - so she immediately offered to cut her plug for an interview that is to be aired on Sunday! Wow!

Cast of The View
For this particular episode of "The View" Lauren Manning, Author of Unmeasured Strength was invited. As their guest, Ms. Manning told her remarkable story of survival after catching on fire and fleeing the Twin Towers on 9/11.

Producer, Barbara Walters, Lauren manning and Sherri Shepherd
The show also hosted Rudy Giuliani. Rudy was very vivid in his recollection of that day. Too much so, in fact one family got up and left.

I think one of the most interesting parts of the show was how frequently everyone thanked God - either for their own safety, the other person's safety or how we all joined together as a nation to help one another and be there for the children whose family member was injured or killed that day. I've watched "The View" before and I never noticed God being thanked or praised on the show before. I didn't get a chance to see airing of this show, yet, but I hope they don't cut these incredible little prayers and praises on national TV - it is very inspiring.

My Sissy and Me
It was great to spend the day with the girls.
Thank you ABC for hosting the Tuesday's Children Families and First Responder Families!

... But the cookies ... really? I think ABC could have offered the audience something better than that! Maybe they want to hire me as their nutritionist, one day? See, I was dreaming of little turkey wrap sandwiches with lettuce and tomato - with some avocado for a little vitamin E?

Well, looking on the bright side, I did learn something new: One 8oz. serving of Fruitables is equivalent to one combined serving of fruits and veggies with 1/3 less sugar. So, just by drinking that small bottle they gave us, I knocked off 2 out of my 5 daily recommended serving of fruits and vegetables! A good to know to ....

Train Smart Today!

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