Saturday, September 3, 2011

How Do You Spell "FAMILY"?

This year my daughter is running with me :D
When I tell my family that I have a goal to run a half marathon in every state, DC and all 7 continents, they either look at me as if there is either something wrong with me or like I am an inspiration (halo, please). More often, what I see is them trying to mask their true feelings while saying stuff like, "Wow, that's really cool" - but the looks on their faces are a dead give away to what they are really feeling, which usually read something like: "I thought you were crazy ... and now you have just confirmed it!" 

So, last year, when some of my family signed up for the Run/Walk World Trade Center Run to Remember, I was really touched - Of course, I know they are there for John - and it's hard not to sound like everyone, here. I mean most people paint a picture of someone who passed away as if they were a terrific person - and I am sure the loved ones they miss are truly special people. But for John, I just cannot describe him or all that he meant to his family - as his wife, I am so very thankful that while he was alive, a day didn't go by without me telling him how much I loved him and how great I thought he was.

So, even though, I know my family signed up for the Run/Walk World Trade Center Run to Remember to honor John, there is a little voice - actually no, I am lying - it is a tremendously loud voice inside me - and it is screaming, 

I am so very excited. Last year, I think there were 7 of us - and now this year - there are 17! I just couldn't be anymore thrilled  - yes, I know my niece told me that under no circumstances was she going to run - she told me, flat out, she will be walking and plans to come in last place, as a walker! She cracks me up - I am totally cool with whatever she decides to do - I am just so glad that they are participating in a run/walk event with me - especially this one. We all chose Tuesday's Children as the beneficiary. Tuesday's Children has been such an incredibly, supportive organization and it feels great to be able to give back to them simply by participating in this event.

Above all, I feel that by my family participating in tomorrow's Run/Walk World Trade Center Run to Remember they are not just thinking the normal 'Girl you are not half-crazed, but full-crazed" - but, maybe for just this day, it's more like 'Girl, we know you're crazy - but we love you anyway!'

Plus we get to honor someone whom we all loved (and still love) and thought was an incredibly great person - my husband, John.

John, Vermont 2000

Train Smart Today!

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