Saturday, September 24, 2011

Off to Connecticut for the Niantic Bay Half Marathon

Saturday Road Trip!
Off to the Niantic Bay Half Marathon in Connecticut!

The drive up was hard - I have three quizzes this week and I was studying, while my wing-man was driving...
Thanks, Wing-Man for being so supportive!

We stopped at Mohegan Sun, the casino in Uncusville, Ct and had some lunch - wow that place is beautiful! And it's huge - it is the second largest casino in the United States!

Connecticut is very pretty. These were some of our views on the way to Mohegan Sun:

I think this is the Thames River

That mirrored building in the back is Mohegan Sun!

There are three casinos at Mohegan Sun: The Casino of The Earth, The Casino of the Sky and The Casino of the Wind
Tiny bit closer shot of Mohegan Sun!

We parked in the west parking lot and walked into the Casino of the Earth.

Ceiling in entrance to The Casino of the Earth 

Mohegan Sun has beautifully captured tribal pictures and colors creating a magnificent atsmosphere.
Mohegan Tribe Pictures

Glass Blown Sculpture

The Casino of the Earth was full of huge waterfalls all over the entire casino.

There's even a waterfall behind a bar!

We stopped at Michael Jordan's Sports Cafe for lunch! It was super tasty!
BBQ Chicken Spring Rolls - Mmm Mmm Good!

The Michael Jordan's Sports Cafe is, of course a sports bar with a basketball flair. The leather on the back of the menu has a pebbled feel and looks just like a basketball. There are these huge wires from ceiling to floor that make it look as if you are in a huge basketball net.

Tried to get the wires in the photo
I thoroughly enjoyed the spinach salad with filet mignon - try it if you get a chance. Well, it was tempting, but I passed on the alcohol  - I definitely decided to ...

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