Sunday, September 18, 2011

Swamped with Homework

This morning's run was fabulous. First, I only had to run 10 miles - not bad after the 16-miler I pulled off this past Monday! Second, the temperature dropped and it was only 65*F this morning! Yeay! This really put me in a great mood because I am swamped with homework!

Tell me, why did I sign up for 4 classes this semester?
I am a bit behind in my schoolwork (UNDERSTATEMENT) - but I have a good excuse!

See, yesterday, I had about 50 friends and family over for my daughter's 17th birthday! I have a child who has, since her birthday, asked to borrow the car four times! Strange Days Indeed - Most Peculiar, Momma!

My daughter's birthday is so very important. It comes at a time for my family, a few days past the anniversary of 9/11, when we thank God that we have each other - not only when times are good...but when times are hard, sad, you know - uphill. It is, to me, a reminder that life goes on, and each day that it does - we need to thank God for all of our blessings, but mostly for each other. So even though planning for and hosting my daughter's 17th birthday party put me far behind in my schoolwork...

 - it was sooo worth it!

Tell your family you love them! And...
Train Smart Today!
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