Friday, September 16, 2011

Welcome the Challenge!

Today's workout was tough! Today I ran a 2 mile warm-up - then met with my coach. Coach told me that I would be running seven 600meters at a 6:30pace and then run a 1mile cool-down. Really? A 6:30 pace?

Then he proceeded to tell me that a few months ago I did six 600meters at a 6:30 pace and wondered why I was looking at him as if he had two heads!
You know - I try all sorts of tricks and thoughts to motivate me, while I am running around that track. For example, while I am huffing and puffing around the track like a race horse ready for the glue factory, I often think of the following:
  • Welcome the challenge, girl! Welcome it!
  • Feet do your stuff!
  • Heart do your stuff!
  • Lungs - DO YOUR STUFF!
  • You are half way through with all your sets!
  • Count to ten and back again for every 100meters.
  • Coach thinks you can, so you can!
  • This is for the next half marathon - for those 20 year olds, that casually passed you while conversing with each other - they will not stand a chance of passing you, just keep training!
  • This is for you John...I will Never Forget!
  • You are two-thirds of the way through with all your sets!
  • This is to show your children that working hard is how you reach your goals in life.
  • You can do this, you can do this, you can do this - yes you can!
  • You did it, you did it, you did it!
For some reason, today's workout was very hard  - so much so that I thought I was going to cry, about half way through. I just wanted to quit.

I wondered, "Is this how people, who are new to running, feel after about 1 mile?" Are new runners so overwhelmed with the pace, the physical strain or the mental games played - they just want to stop running? I hope not. 

For every person out there - just starting to run or just starting some kind of exercise program - give yourself a pat on the back! If any negative thoughts come into your head - squash 'em with two positive put-ups! You can do this! Get out there and be active!

I can't help but think when we sing our Nation Anthem and we get to the part: "and the home of the brave" - who are the brave? Tell me, who are the brave? 
Brave People from Tuesday's Children, Supporting 9/11 Families,
Especially, My Little Red Head
Are we people that stop after 1mile? Are we people that give up in the middle of a track work out? Are we people who say, "I can't?" 


Tuesday's Children helping Habitat for Humanity
Are we people that go the extra mile - for ourselves, for each other, for our children? Who are the brave?

Be brave,
Get out there,
Be Active

Train Smart Today!
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