Wednesday, September 21, 2011

"Warrior Woman"

Me? More about my eyes...please go on...

No, really, I met the most amazing person on the track today! Well, over the last year, we have bumped into each other - and I always see Coach talking to her - but we never officially met - until today.

After my four 100meter sprints and the three sets of two 400's at a sub-7' pace and two 100's at a sub-6:30' pace, I ran a one mile cool down. Knowing that I had to study AMDR's for Diabetes Mellitus, I thought, "Girl, you do NOT have time for the gym, just do your CORE work here!" So, I stretched and did some abs and planks. It was gross, I was sweaty and those little turf pellets were sticking to me: THEY WERE EVERYWHERE!
Even found them IN my shorts when I got home!
When I got up, to brush these pellets off - someone was standing next to me and she was telling me how great I looked - It was this woman - she stood about 5'0", maybe 95lbs - ALL muscle. I'm going to call her: Warrior Woman!

"Me?" I asked, "Have you looked in the mirror lately?"

Warrior Woman laughed and proceeded to tell me everything that was not right about her physical self and her training routine: She has too much back and shoulders - not enough legs, and no abs ... she loves to do pull-up, chin-ups and push-up...and should have more of a balance - like she sees in me ...

Now, mind you, Warrior Woman is in AMAZING shape, so I stopped her - in her tracks - and told her, "Now give yourself two put-ups. C'mon, for every knock you just gave yourself, say something nice."

Warrior Woman: "No, no, no, I know..."

and then, I waited for it...I knew it was only a matter of time
AND there it was:

Warrior Woman: ".... BUT"

Why do we do that? Why do we sit on judgmental thrones? Those negative thoughts will only hold us down. Please, everyone, stop the negative comments, those self-inflicted insults. Focus on the positives - create a "lunch-box" full of put-ups that work for you, think of a bunch, so you can turn to them when that throne of judgement calls. In turn, you will create positive brain thought patterns, which will help you be the best you can be!

Then, Warrior Woman explained that she is a former golden glove female boxing champion and, oh yeah, then she dropped this on me... she is also a brain cancer survivor!

What? This Warrior Woman? Whom I have admired her from afar - for the last year - when our paths would cross on the track? But she is always spunky, smiley and friendly and she is in great, great shape  - she looks like a mini-superwoman. This, Warrior Woman, is in remission from brain cancer?

Then she proceeded to tell me her story of courage as she faced her cancer.

Warrior Woman: "I told that cancer, it was messing with the wrong person! Even when my muscles atrophied when I had to get brain surgery and go through chemotherapy, I tried to stay positive - especially for my husband and son."

Me: "You are amazing"

Then she explained how she felt that if she weren't in as good shape before her cancer diagnosis, she probably wouldn't have been able to build her body back to where it is today.

Warrior Woman: "I just never gave up. I thought, every time I went for another chemotherapy treatment, 'I'm going to kick some cancer-but today!'"

Damn, girl, you sure did! God bless Warrior Woman! She is amazing! May her story inspire you to keep striving, eat right, exercise and

Train Smart Today!
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