Sunday, October 2, 2011

My Florida PAL Half Marathon bra plan!

Just signed up for the PAL Half Marathon in Boca Raton, Florida in November! Can't wait! I tried to schedule another half in October, but I couldn't find one that worked with my schedule. I already have something planned every weekend or need to study for some kind of major test in my nutrition classes!

I'm psyched for this one because I will get to visit my Dad, too! And what better way to honor Dad, who spent 30 years as a police officer, than to run in a Florida 13.1 that'll benefit the Police Athletic League and Firefighters Benevolent Scholarship?

Aaah - I can still hear my Nana (my Grandmom) say, "An Englishman without a beard is like an egg without salt!" .... Love that stache, Dad!

I admit, the temperature difference has me a little worried. In November, the average temperature in New Jersey is about 54*F, but in Florida, the temperature in November can be from 66*F to 81*F. I hope the temperature is more around the sixties and not too hot!

Last weekend, when I ran in the Niantic Bay Half Marathon in Connecticut, I was so hot, I folded up my shirt - I usually do this when I get really hot:
Niantic Bay Half Marathon, Ct 
The humidity was really high, too, it just hung over the Long Island Sound and all that wet marshland surrounding Rocky Neck State Park ....I hope that running along Florida's Intercostal in November will not be as oppressive.

I'll say this -
The Champion Chip (the strip on the back of the race bib) was unable to pick up my time when I crossed the finish line:

Of course I would love to run with one of those bra tops on, but ...

I cannot stand the all-in-one 'no bounce bra tops' or 'racerback bras tops' 
You gotta wrestle, squeeze and pull those bras on
 - it's a wonder more women do not wind up in the hospital with dislocated shoulders and broken collar bones! 
NOPE, they are not for me! 

I like the 'no bounce' bras that secure in the back:

Champion makes some good sports bras.
So, I use them and an UA shirt and fold the shirt up when I get too hot - which seems like all the time now that I am approaching 50! :(

But now that I know the folded shirt can interfere with my race time - and I don't want to go out with just my Champion sports bra on - YUK - I recently purchased some  Mayarasana Seamless Bra Tops to put over my sports bra.
Mayarasana Seamless Bra Tops - they are so pretty and they don't stifle the girls!

Can't really tell, but I have the Luxe Teal Mayarasana Bra Top over
my Champion 'girls-don't budge' sport bra.
For my next race, above 65*F, I will attach the race bib to the Athleta Mayarasana Seamless Bra Top and make sure I keep cool and that my race time is recorded!

Sounds like a good idea, right? (That's cue for leave a comment!) 

This is my fashion plan for my race in November, the PAL Half Marathon in Boca Raton, Florida!

Stay healthy, stay fit, Keep your "girls" safe, secure and in style and

Train Smart Today!

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