Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Train Anyway!

Power outages can really screw up a person's plans to wake up at 5AM! 
Seriously? A power outage?

I was so psyched to train this morning - And that's when I saw that blinking clock - No, really it was blinking - indicating that we lost power - which is really weird - no storms, no wind, no fallen trees - I don't get it!

Should I stay or Should I go?
It was already 5:45! I didn't know if I should stay or if I should go - but then I remembered how I was in recovery mode last week and didn't do any legs, except for some plyometrics - I  had to commit!

I finally got to the gym by 6AM. I was so ready to get through my little 10 minute warm-up on the rower and get straight to legs. Today's workout included:
Power Cleans
Dead Lifts
and some Plyometrics

Wow all that and I still had time for some Lat Pull-Downs, Reverse Incline Dumbell Flies and Abs.

It was a great little workout - and I was done by 7:05 - Just in time to enjoy the morning sky  - it's definitely looking (and feeling) more like fall:

No running today - just classes...allllll day!

Next time you hesitate on going to the gym - push yourself - Train Anyway! 
I have yet to hear someone say, "I wish I didn't get that work out in, today!"

Train Smart Today!
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