Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bye, bye love handles, pinch an inch and muffin tops!

Some people like new shoes, a new pocketbook, jewelry, cars ... I like books! Not just any books - I like texts - and not the kind you get on the cell phone

I used to think I wasn't a "reader" - sssh, don't tell my kids. I'm not one for novels, was never into the book club thing and aside from the latest raunchy Chelsea Handler novel, I couldn't tell you the latest who's who on the Pulitzer Prize winner list. Just give me the facts - give me a textbook - and I am all set! Especially a science text!
And my most recent pride and joy .....
Advanced Nutrition and Human Metabolism
It all started in my Advanced Nutrition Class. Oh, the macromolecule, LIPID! The poor thing - fat gets such a bad rap! I kept asking my professor about fat metabolism - and she suggested this book - actually the other students in the class were like, "Girl, just shut up, so we can get outta here!"

But I wanted to know - Is the fat burning "zone" a myth? 
  • When exercising lightly (walking), we get 87.5% of our energy from fat and 12.5% of our energy from carbs. 
  • When exercising moderately (hiking), we get 55% of our energy from fat and 45% of our energy from carbs.
  • When we are exercising intensely (running), we get 33% of our energy from fat and 67% of our energy from carbs.
  • When resting or sleeping, we mainly use fat as our energy source.
Looks like we burn fat all the time - Who came up with the
"Fat Burning Zone"?
It seems we are always in that ZONE!

And if that's the case, why is there an obesity epidemic in America?
From the above information, 
doesn't it look like all we have to do is sleep and walk and we will burn fat? 

Well, here's the catch - the fat we use during exercise doesn't come from our love handles, our pinch an inch or our muffin tops! 

Our energy from fats comes from the kind that is circulating in our blood as triglycerides in the HDL, LDL, VLDL and chylomicrons
We are not recruiting energy from our stores of fat. 
I'm sorry - didn't mean to break it to you like that!
So, why exercise at all?
OMG! Did I  just say that?
Quick, wash my mouth out with soap!

But seriously, what's the key to burning off those love handles?

So, if you are just starting a new exercise program:
Give yourself a pat on the back and keep up the good work!

'Cause fat metabolism can be manipulated through 
exercise, exercise training and diet. 

The more we exercise and train, the more we stimulate metabolic pathways that help us burn fat more efficiently. One of these involves the release of a hormone, called "Growth Hormone" - a huge contributor in fat metabolism. This helps our bodies to be better at using fat for energy.

The more we exercise, the more fit we become - so what once was our "intense" exercise is now our "moderate" exercise ...and we are back to burning fat at a higher rate!
Don't stop training at high intensities. 
During intervals of high intensity, 
your body is learning new ways on how to use fat for energy!
This is the reason why trained athletes
burn more fat at very-high-intensity exercise!

Add in a healthy diet - full of nutrient dense foods, with complex carbohydrates, lean protein and very little saturated fat - and you are a fat burning machine! In this case, you will be storing less fat and the fat reserves will eventually be broken down for energy - this part is what I want to read more about!

I can't wait to get my book by Dr. Gropper - I will be able to share even more information on fat metabolism - so we can all ...
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