Monday, October 10, 2011

Celebrating a Birthday: But no age class change!

Today went so fast, I almost didn't get my long run in. Even when I finally ran, those thirteen and a half miles went so fast! I ended with some sprints and by the time I was done - my legs were losing the battle against form. My legs were Gumby-like!

Ever see Gumby run? It's not pretty!
I usually run my long run on Sundays, but yesterday, I could only squeeze out 5 miles.
Sweet Birthday Celebration!
Eating this couldn't have been the culprit! Right?. Besides, I shared it with everyone. You can't really tell, but there was a marzipan wafer under that pear! Once I mentioned that the wafer under the pear was marzipan - everyone wanted a piece!

It's a funny thing about birthdays, now that I am competing in these half marathons - another birthday is no big deal. No, really - it's no biggie UNLESS I move to a new age class! And this birthday was no biggie - because I did not move to a new age class! It was just another birthday!

I have had some very funny "age class" conversations. It's silly how a little thing like moving into a new age class is such a big deal for runners - I always get a kick out of someone whose face lights up when they explain that they are now in a new age class. You could feel their excitement - like they are now going to run with fresh legs and a fresh outlook!

Well, no new age class for me, just some foam roller exercises tonight so I feel like I have fresh legs! And each day, just simply being with this old friend and lifelong companion - running - it's easy to have a fresh outlook and to 
Train Smart Today!
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