Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Five Days: Still No Power

It's crazy here, in North Jersey. We still do not have power! I have been going to the gym to workout, run and shower! On Sunday, I ran 12.1 miles at a 8-8.35 minute pace on the gym treadmill, and ran a slow cooldown for one more mile! I was definitely, "HALF-CRAZED!" Seriously, though, I think I just didn't want to go home - it's only 7*F warmer in my house than it is outside's 47*F outside!

I also went to my NYSports Club on Monday and ran 5 miles at about 8:13minute pace. Afterward, I concentrated on my core to gear up for my 13.1 race on Sunday. I worked on hyper-extensions, which seem easy if you do them on a stability ball - but there is something about the added effort needed to balance on the ball - it trains your core in a different way than the hyper-extension bench. Still, I did work in some low back on the hyper-extension chair, too. I like to hold a five pound plate and hold a horizontal position, about 2seconds, before starting another rep. I do not actually hyper-extend my back. During the isometric part of this exercise, I can feel the integration between my lower back, glutes and hamstrings - a great exercise for a runner. I also did some planks - I am now holding each set for 1&1/2minutes. I think these planks are helping my shoulder, rhomboid and trapezius strength, too. I don't know why, but sometimes I get pains in my upper back and neck during my long runs. I could just be tensing up, but I am always looking for ways to rule out causes due to weak traps, rhomboids or shoulders.

Today, I ran outside for the first time since the crazy snow storm on Saturday. I was actually too scared to run outside because of all the downed wires and tree branches. Wouldn't you know, I rolled my ankle on a branch that was covered by a pile of leaves. I still met with my coach, who said to keep running. I did a two mile warm-up, 4 100m sprints and five 800m sets at 6:40 pace and a 1mile cool down. My ankle felt "hot" and a little sore. When I went home, I got a bucket, collected some snow in a plastic bag (re: I have no power, so I have no ice). Then, I went into to my freezing cold house, to put my foot in the bucket and the bag of snow over my foot. My ankle felt good with the ice, but now, I am in a great deal of pain :,,,(. I hope I will be fine for Sunday's race. I will keep you posted.

If anyone has any additional tips for me, to help my ankle heal (before Sunday) please share them! I am going to get some Tart Cherry juice to fight the inflammation. I am staying hopeful, optimistic and hoping my electricity will be restored soon!
 I hope I will find some new superfast healing techniques to share and
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