Thursday, November 10, 2011

Great Track W/O

I had a great track work out today! I asked my coach where he comes up with these work outs ..."I make 'em up". He cracks me up! I have an image of him with a piece of paper listing our names on the left side with workouts listed on the right side - all custom designed to reach our fitness and running goals!

Anyway, I ran a two mile warm-up and a two mile cool down - I am only supposed to do a 1mile cool down - but it was so nice out and I have been stuck at my desk/computer researching, writing reports and studying - I needed some more time to unwind.

The track work out was a recovery track work out  - I didn't have to push past a 7'mile pace. It felt good. Coach had me do three sets of repeats where I ran 2min30seconds and dropped down 30seconds for each repeat until the last 30seconds. The first set I had a 30second walk between repeats, the second set I had 20second walk between sets and the third set I had a 10second walk between sets. It was a nice pace and I felt pretty good.

I finished with some plyometrics, crunches, ab work, lots of stretches. Since this work out took about 2hours and 45minutes, I was so happy that I thought ahead and snuck half a peanut butter sandwich on toasted whole wheat panella into my track bag! It was the perfect ending to a Great Track W/O! You just gotta bring water and a snack if you are training more than one hour, especially to ...
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