Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving @ The Ashenfelter

The Ashenfelter 8K Classic is a USTF Championship Road Race open to all sorts of runners, joggers and walkers! It is definitely the fastest race I run. 
Let's put it this way, 
I ran a 7'25" pace and I didn't even come in the top 10 for my age group! 

It is also one of the most fun races because it goes through my hometown and I know so many people who come out to run and cheer. This year was especially fun because my Sissy and my daughter ran in the race too! How cool is that? I am having an influence!

This was the first race for both of them! 
My Sissy was so proud of herself ...
My Sissy!
My daughter, L'il Red, has participated in the race/walk Run to Remember, but she has never run in a race this big (4.9miles) before!

Usually, L'il Red and her friends station the collection for Souls4Soles,
the shoe drive we hold throughout the month of November 
and on race day 
at the Ashenfelter Classic!

Soles4Souls Collection!
I didn't expect much from myself, this year. I woke at 5AM, the morning of the race with a migraine that was so bad, my whole body was shaking from the pain! The pain wreaked havoc on my stomach and made me so very nauseous. I quickly made some coffee and took 1 Advil. After 2 cups of coffee, I took another Advil and forced a tiny bowl of cereal down. It was awful. I had to lay down on the couch until the nausea and pain subsided. Then, it was time to prepare the turkey! I had 20 people coming for dinner!

Before the race, I washed, buttered, stuffed and seasoned that 24lb organic turkey I had sitting in brine for 14hours. Once that was done, I stuck the turkey in the oven and called to my son. I had him run over to the race with me. The cool air felt good against my terribly green face! I think that 1mile warm-up run really helped, though. I started to feel a little better.

We arrived in the nick of time ...they were already singing the National Anthem (I think all races should start with our National Anthem!). Mini-man went to relieve L'il Red from her Soles4Souls post, so she could run.

Twenty-two hundred runners lined up! I knew I wouldn't place, but I had my eyes on a mug: the top 100 male and top 100 female finishers received a mug. After the first 1/2 mile, I looked at my Garmin, only to find it reading "7:47". Coach wanted me to run 7:10-7:15. I knew I just didn't have it in me to run that pace - but darn it,
I wanted a mug!

During the race, I met a runner named Theresa. Apparently she ran track for her college (St Mary's?). She was so cute - strawberry blonde pony tail poking out of her hat and Emerald green knee high socks. With her peaches and cream skin, she looked as if she were the cover girl for Ireland! We were neck and neck, the whole race. At one point, I just couldn't resist, I yelled over to her, "You are so cute!"

At the end of the race, someone shoved a mug in my hand - I started to jump up and down and screamed," I got a mug, I got a mug, I got a mug!" I turned around and there she was, Miss Ireland! We were both jumping up and down, cheering with our mugs! It was so much fun! There is just so much positive energy at the Ashenfelter Classic! It is such a fun race!

After that, I started to run the race backward (going forward, but from the finish line). I wanted to find my daughter. She was about 3/4 of a mile back. Her face was bright red and she told me that she couldn't breath. I tried to give her advice, but she was not receiving what I was putting down: "Just ssshusssh, Mom!" Okay, Okay, I got it!

Still, she finished and I must say, I was so very proud of her! 
Great job L'il Red!

I was just so very thankful this year! Two people from my family joined me in a race! How great is that? 
This definitely made the Thanksgiving 2011 Ashenfelter Classic so very special! 

Me & My Sissy!
Keep running Sissy! She even said that she wants to do a half marathon with me! 
Go Sissy...
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