Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I missed a workout!

It's coming on Thanksgiving and I missed a workout!
Yup, that's right - I was supposed to do 6X200m@45second pace with a 200m jog in between! I missed my 2mile warm-up and 1-2mile cool-down too! AND ...I am running in the local Turkey Trot race tomorrow.

I have some good excuses:
First: I had to give a presentation yesterday at 10AM. It went wonderfully, thanks, for asking!
Second: I had a HUGE exam on integration and metabolism of macronutrients and fat soluble vitamins. Damn, those hepatic portal vein questions!
Third: It was pouring rain!
Fourth: I still made it to the gym this morning (@5AM) for an upper body Strength Training session.
Fifth: I have 20 people coming to my house Thursday and I needed to bake my breads and pies!

I always make my breads and pies two days before Thanksgiving - what was Coach thinking when he assigned that track workout anyway. Hmmm? Take a look:

No this is not Broccoli Rabe, these are dates! 
For my date nut bread! Serve, of course, with
Organic Valley cream cheese. Say no to rBST! 

 My most coveted banana nut bread!
Don't you dare put cream cheese on this!
 I was going to try to do a low fat banana nut bread, but then I thought, "That would be stupid to try the day before the a large food holiday! Hello, girl, it's Thanksgiving!" PLUS, everyone was screaming at me that if I changed the recipe, they wouldn't eat it! Ha! It would still have sugar in it kidZ!

This is new - it's pumpkin bread. Talk about sugar ...this has A LOT! I also had to turn away when I poured a cup of oil into the mix. Yeah, I don't know - the redeeming factor was, it made the house smell SUPER TERRIFIC. It is full of cloves, cinnamon, ginger (which I ground fresh) and nutmeg.
Pumpkin Batter
The recipe called for three small baking pans, but it made four times as much! The loaves came out very colorful, though. You can't really get a good feel for the pumpkin color here (Go Beta-Carotenoids!). The recipe also says to let it sit for one day. I hope it tastes good. Maybe I should try a loaf on my little monsters tomorrow (morning) before serving it to my company. Yeah, let's get the kids, they'll eat it, they'll eat anything made with sugar!
Pumpkin Bread!
Unfortunately, I cannot claim that I made the Turkey cookies. I am just not that patient - nor am I that talented! Nope, these are Mom's Gingerbread Turkey Cookies! Look at that handwriting ...she cracks me up!
Gobble, Gobble, Gobble!

Today, I will make a pie that I did not get to yesterday, as well as prepare the turkey soup,  stuffing and some root veggies. I will also brine the turkey. Tonight, we will be setting up for the Soles4Souls collection at the local high school for the race tomorrow! It's so exciting. The street barricades are already out!

At the top of the street!
Can't wait!
This year, my Sissy is running in the race. This will be the first race that my sister is running in! Sissy has Crohn's, too! Her Crohn's is much more active than mine - so I am a little worried if she'll be okay. I am trying to get my son to run with her - he needs to cut a few pounds for wrestling season and running an 8K is a healthier way to cut weight as opposed to fasting/starving! I will post how it all turns out. 

Until then, Happy Thanksgiving. God Bless. Be safe. And ...
Happy Thanksgiving!
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