Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Wednesday: Gym/Track Day

Running on 5 hours of sleep a night is getting old! I need some R&R! Unfortunately, I don't see this happening until after the holidays. But, the lack of sleep, rather the reasons behind the lack of sleep, are all good, positive things that I welcome in my life - like studying until 1AM and then getting up at 5AM to strength train at the gym!
These are not problems, and I am not complaining,
but damn, I'm tired!

By 5:30AM, I was at the gym with wing-man. First, 50 push-ups and 50 sit-ups, then 100 bicycle crunches and two sets of side planks, holding each set for about 1minute and 15secs. Then, I concentrated on pecs with some dumbbell flies on a flat bench and dumbbell presses on an incline bench. I ended with some triceps kick-backs:
One arm tricep kick-backs. Employ your abdominals to
keep your hips and shoulders square!
Here's a little tip to eliminate, do away with - rid for once and for all - that upper arm flab that is so not attractive. After that last set of triceps kick-backs, your triceps should be fatigued, but don't stop - immediately grab a very light weight (I use 2.5lbs), extend your arm (as in above right) and, while your arm is extended, pump your arm SLIGHTLY up and down, while squeezing your triceps, for about 10 more reps. You will just feel your arm getting stronger and more defined!

By 8:30AM, I was headed to the track to meet my coach. First, I ran a 1mile warm up, six 100m strides and then started my training sets. I ran ten 200m sets at 45'pace with a 90' jog/rest between sets. My legs were very heavy at the end of those last few sets. I ran a two-mile cool down, stretched and called it a day! I had to get some work done. 

I got my eye on getting to bed before 1AM. After all, our muscles heal when we sleep, so the lack of sleep can really set a person up for injury.

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