Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Broken Toes and Crazy Feet!

I have a friend who has been running for a couple of years. Every once in awhile, she graces me with a visit - usually on Sundays, on her way back from a run. She is crazy (in a fun way) and so are her feet! Let me explain, better yet, a picture is worth a thousand words ....
Crazy Feet!
A couple of months ago, my friend, in need of some bathroom tiles, decided to go shopping at Home Depot. While at the Home Depot, she dropped a box of tiles on her foot ....hence the broken toes, crazy bandage (it's just a Dr Scholl's gel in the picture, but I have seen Kotex pads on those feet) and what is that? A macerated sneaker?
Did she bother to get an x-ray? 
"No," she told me, "Why would I do that? I know they're broken!"

I usually just stare at her: mouth agape, eyes wide open, searching my brain frantically for some kind of reply that would be, ya' know, practical, helpful, SENSIBLE! How about like this one ...
"But your brother is an orthopedic surgeon."

But, I say nothing 'cause I know - nothing that I could say would make this friend do anything she does not want to do - and clearly - she does not want to get her feet x-rayed!

So, during my long run this past Sunday, when this odd foot pain, on the top of my instep, spiked, I thought, "Yowser, I better get some ice on this. I can't let this get away from me - or I'm gonna start looking like ....you know who!" Mmmhmm!
Yeah, friend, you know who I'm talking about!
I was supposed to run yesterday, but I wanted to rest my foot. It was swollen - like I have an egg on the top of my instep.
Has that ever happened to anyone? 
It's very odd. I pushed doing Monday's 5miles out until this morning, but knew it was going to hurt. Then, I thought of my friend - all I needed was some extra padding - and NO, not a Kotex, like SOME people I know! I ransacked the linen closet and came up with some moleskin:
Extra cushiony socks & moleskin:
Worked like a charm!
Ya' know, it's good to have crazy friends - they are inspiring, creative and a breath of fresh air - I mean once you get past the crazy feet smell!

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