Friday, December 23, 2011

Food Facts Friday: La Cucidati

From a tiny farm in Sicily, Italy, to a little town in JerZey, past down from generation to generation, I present: La Familglia Italian Christmas Fig Biscotti, La Cucidati.

They take half a day to make, but they are so worth the time - especially when you make them together with your crazy family, year after year! 
Enjoy the pictures

Girlfriend Does Not Like Baking!
Making The Fig Filling!
My sissy was making fun of my shirt!
No, I am not in a chef's outfit!
Sissy! Sooo Sweet!
That's code for, "No, only a 1/4cup of sugar!!!!"
Ground Fig, Oranges, Raising and Glace Filling

Mom Icing and Sprinkling!
More Icing!
She was torturing me! Honest!
I am not crying, I am hysterically laughing, I swear!
Can't tell, but I am holding a pic of my Great Grandmother, Angelina.

Thatsa nice!

Quando si bella bicotti!

La Cucidati

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