Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday W/O @ the Track

It's good to be back and running after taking the last four days off. I had way too much to do over the last four days and could not squeeze in a workout!

My son went to his 1st varsity high school wrestling tournament! I spent Saturday trying not to make a fool of myself screaming like a maniac. 
I have to say, I was a bit more composed than in years past!
Mini-Man! You had some good moments -
Keep working hard and DON"T give up!

On Sunday, my daughter performed in her holiday voice recital!
Wow! Just, WOW!
You have such a pretty voice, girlfriend!
And somewhere in between, I studied for 4 finals! 
Sleep - in the last four days - that was just a bad five letter word!

So, in spite of the rain, I was looking forward to training at the track, today. Today, I jogged a 2mile warm-up, did my 6 strides, and broke into a 7:20'mile pace for 1.5miles. I followed that up with a 400meter jog break and then another 1mile at that same 7:20'mile pace. It is my goal to run the Asbury Park Polar Bear Run on the 31st, at a 7:20'mile pace.

I was cold and soaking wet, but I finished today's track workout with a 1.75mile cool down jog.
I think my good friend, running, missed me too!
Hope you are able to squeeze in some good mileage during the holidays!
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