Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wednesday's Track Workout: Sorta'

Today's track workout was a little different. After my 1.80mile warm-up, I spent the whole workout on the football field.
My feet thank you, coach!
The football field is turf and it is so squishy soft.

First, I had to do my strides, which consisted of eight 50yard dashes. With every 50yard stride, I jogged 50yards to recover. It's funny how the appeal of running on a soft turf surface fades when your gasping for air!

Next, I had to stride, diagonally, across the football field and recover with a jog along the back of the end zone. Once I hit the next corner, I was directed into another stride, again, diagonally across the field, with another recovery jog along the back of the end zone. I kept this zig-zagging routine up for 9minutes. Then I rested for 1.5minutes and repeated this football field zig-zag training for another 7minutes, with a 1minute rest, 5minutes, with a 30 second rest, and then for 3minutes more, until this torture finally ended!

Coach called this routine his "Kenyan Workout". Coach said that this was a great workout for me because like the Kenyans, I need to be able to surge during races, putting distance between me and other runners - like the Kenyans do!

Yup, that's me.
Just like Catherine "The Great" Ndereba
Surging ahead!

Hey, stop that laughing! I can dream!

Seriously, I love my coach. He has such faith in me. I didn't tell him that while he was trying to make a Kenyan runner out of me today, I was thinking:
'Oh my God, I am dying!' 
'There must be some other orifices that I can try to breath from?'

Seriously, there must be some secret additional way we runners can get oxygen into our lungs? Maybe the Kenyans have tapped into this secret and that's why they're so good! Hmmm...

Today, though, I stood there, listening to my absolutely adorable coach encourage me with all the love and faith in his heart for me: "Go out there on that Polar Bear Asbury Park run and do better than you did in the Ashenfelter Classic!"

I promised him that I would, totally encouraged by his faith in me and finished the day with a 2mile warm down, some plyometric exercises and the deep desire to keep my promise and
( a Kenyan)


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