Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Winding Down in 2011

It's been so much fun spending time with my family (not having to study or write a paper). Aaagh, I have even slept more than 5hours a night! It's been great!

A little too much Verve Clicquot, Jack, Cuervo and Fig Vodka, which if you haven't tried, caution: it is dangerously good! I'm not one for cakes or sweets. Although I do love my sissy-in-law's struffoli:
Yes, this plate was piled high to the top 1 day ago!
I had help: Mini-man is my partner in crime!
And my family's La Cucidati
Can't eat too many of these & then think you can
run without paying some price: They are full of figs & raisins!
BUT (no pun here) ....where I can really get myself into trouble is 
in the beverage department. 

This year, I was pretty good - well sorta. I indulged, but kept telling myself,
"Remember, you have to run 10 miles tomorrow." 
"Switch to water! DON"T let yourself down - 
you need to pound out seven miles tomorrow."

I held true to myself and my goals, 
which is not easy to do around the holidays.

I have another secret motivator: my stomach. I hate being doubled over in pain - although, I know some of you have been witness to this the last few days, through

The Gingerbread House Decorating Party:
My 7-year-old nephew: Presents on the roof!
My 5-year-old nephew: Love that chimney!
Girlfriend, I love your picket fence!
My Niece is 22! She still enjoys making a house! 
This one wins best outdoor patio!
Love the deck! Go mini-man!

Christmas 2011
Girlfriend loves Free People!
Ouch, so $$$$!
I know, it's a sad tree.
This is what you get when you go two days before Christmas in NJ!
Aww! They got each other presents ...on their own!
Mimosa's Christmas Morning
In the hot tub with Girlfriend!

And through enjoying NYC: Hustle & bustle & such ...
Sissy & her hubby!
Wow! Mini-man & Girlfriend are getting so mature!
Side-kick & Me!
It's all good! We health nuts
and CRAZY runners just gotta stay focussed, 'cause
We're Gonna Make It After All......

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