Sunday, December 4, 2011

Wow, Dad!

My Dad surprised me on Thanksgiving with his two new tattoos.
I was shocked. On his left leg, because it is "the side where my heart is" as dad put it, he permanently and publicly remembers all of his police buddies that perished in 9/11, "Always Honored, Never Forgotten". And at the bottom, he has remembered John, "JAC", my late husband, who was also killed on 9/11.

When I saw this tattoo, I was frozen. Dad never prepared me - he just called me over after I took the turkey out of the oven and said "Look, here, I got some new tattoos." Dad has never been one to mince words: First generation, son of a British Air force pilot and a police officer for 30 years, a job he was born to do. He loved being a police officer. They basically had to ask him to retire after he got in a terrible car accident chasing some fleeing criminal-low-life. After that car crash, Dad suffered terrible neck problems - he loved the force, but it was time for him to retire.

The other tattoo, on his right leg was just as shocking ...
Wow, Dad. The towers - you really got graphic here! No one wanted to tell him, it's FDNY - why should we - he was so honored to be able to pour his whole heart and soul (and legs) into remembering and honoring all that were lost that day, or as Dad said "I wanted to honor all that perished that day - especially, my son-in-law. You see, I carry his initials with me now, forever!" ....thanks Dad, you humble me.
My Dad
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