Saturday, January 14, 2012

Food Fact Fridays: Diets make you fat!

What's it feel like, when you're hungry?
Do you know some signs of hunger?
No, seriously - besides the stomach growl -
'cause for me, when my stomach growls, 
I am way past hungry - at that point,

Today I took one of Nancy Clark's webinars. Nancy Clark is my Sports Nutrition Idol and I love her webinars! Today's webinar was about weight loss.

According to Nancy, the media portrays woman as caretakers, who feed other people but, they themselves, don't actually eat.

Well sometimes you'll see a woman eating when she is advertising yogurt, a salad or a shake a Slim-fast.
Love you, Jamie!
I remember a girl in high school, she was on the cheerleading team with me. She was always "on a diet". Every day she would come to school with a container of cottage cheese and a piece of fruit. Do you believe that is all her Momma gave her to eat? We had practice for 2hours everyday after school - jumping, tumbling, dancing - and all she ate for lunch was some cottage cheese and fruit. 

She never lost any weight. 
By the time we graduated, she was actually heavier! 
That's because: 
Diets make you fat!

You know it's true. Anytime you don't eat, whether it's because you're too busy, or it's on purpose, you always wind up with monster cravings for anything dense and satisfying - some kinda high calorie food. I see it with my own son - he is constantly watching his weight for wrestling. Then, he goes a little overboard on the weekend and thinks, 'well, I'll just starve myself tomorrow.' This never works, it always backfires! He winds up being too hungry, craving and caving to sweets, bread or some high calorie snack.
Stuffin' his face in record-breaking times is even starting to take it's toll on Adam!
Starving yourself is abusive ...
and according to Nancy, 
"We must fuel ourselves by day, when we are most active, 
so we can lose weight at night." 

How very blatantly obvious is that advice? We must fuel ourselves during the day, when we are most active ...just good practical sense!

I also loved what she said about meal patterning: People that stick to a specific eating plan and eat at specific times in the day are more successful in maintaining an appropriate weight. I definitely try to do this, mostly because of my stomach - if I wait too long to eat, I get nasty belly aches and my Crohn's flares up. I do find this harder to do the weekends - like last weekend when I was at a wrestling match that lasted all-day.

One of my favorite suggestions I learned today was to have two lunches. 

I immediately thought of my daughter, who comes home from school around 3/4PM and is starving. She eats breakfast about 7AM, has lunch about Noon and when she comes home, she is starving. This is the time for that "second lunch."

Nancy suggested that if we think about it as a second lunch, we will eat enough to be satisfied and, at the same time, we avoid making it about some empty calorie snack food! I love it!
What a great idea for all all those mom's wondering what to feed 
their starving kids coming home from school!

Here were some other tidbits I picked up from Nancy's Weight Loss Webinar:

  • You are more likely to be successful in sustaining weight loss if you cut back conservatively, say 100-200calories per day.
  • Eating just 100 calories less at night can result in losing 10pounds a year.
  • Getting the proper amount of sleep helps you to be in tune with the signs of hunger.
  • Know the signs of hunger: tired, cold, lethargic, cranky or easily irritated and unable to concentrate.
Dieting and not eating is not the way to lose weight. You need to fuel your body, appropriately, throughout the day

In fact research has shown that those who eat during the day have less body fat than those who eat the majority of the calories at night. 

Soooo, EAT!
Eat by day,
Lose by night

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