Friday, January 20, 2012

Food Facts Friday: Do you swallow?

If you run for more than 1hour, you should swallow. Yes, it's true, according to Rollo, Williams & Nevil in The Influence of ingesting versus mouth-rinsing a carbohydrate solution during a 1hour run. And shame on you, what were you thinking? Geeze ....

Of course, everyone knows ingesting carbohydrates (CHO), like pasta, are great for endurance runners. But what about during a race? I've come across some articles on the benefits of a CHO mouth-rinse. I never really understood this. Are you supposed to take the sports drink at the "water" stations, swish and spit? Or should you take 4-5 sips and swallow?

Apparently, it all depends on the length of the race:

If you are running in a race and it will take you less than 1hour to finish, you don't hafta swallow. You can take the sports drink, swish for 5seconds and spit - just watch your aim with the other runners ...unless of course your nemesis is beside you! This CHO mouth-rinse can enhance your short-term, high intensity endurance performance because receptors in the mouth stimulate reward centers in the brain.

If you are running in a race and it will take you more than 1hour to finish, you should definitely swallow! Rollo, Williams & Nevil discovered that participants who ingested a CHO-electrolyte solution (like Gatorade Series Performance 02) were able to cover a greater distance than their CHO mouth-rinse counterparts. So during a 1hour time trial, ingestion of a CHO-electrolyte solution was more beneficial than mouth-rinsing with the same solution.

So, mouth-rinse and spit that CHO-electrolyte drink in the short 5k races ...
... looks like David Beckham has got this down pat!

And swallow that CHO-electrolyte drink when running in the longer, endurance-type races!

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