Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Hormone of Darkness: Wednesday at the Track

Funny how Mr Winter sort of zaps our energy. The amount of daylight decreases and we start making....
"The Hormone of Darkness" 
AKA: Melatonin
When its dark outside, we produce more melatonin. I know - it's not all bad 'cause it helps our internal 24hour clock (circadian rhythm) which regulates our sleep-wake cycles. But with more hours of darkness in winter, my melatonin levels must be at an all time high. Ech, I always feel so tired and sleepy in these winter months.

So, I was glad it was 31*F at the track this morning. The cold air woke me up a bit. The sun was out and I was trying to soak it in and get through my sleepy, melatonin-induced state. I really had to push past wanting to curl up on the 50yard line and nap in the sun like an old fat cat!
Even my warm up was a struggle. I pushed, only to finish 1.25miles.
Then I ran my six strides. I was surprised, I ran them one second faster than my usual miserable pace! This sorta gave me hope!

Then, Coach had me run six 400meters sets where I ran 
the first 200meters in 50seconds and the next 200meters in 60seconds. 
My hip flexors felt like they were full of lactic acid!
I repeated another six 400meter sets and followed it up with a 2mile cool-down. 

Thank goodness for that sun, today. I needed it to boost my production of serotonin and dopamine, some "feel good" hormones, and suppress that nasty hormone of darknessssssss!


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