Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I wanna be like Dolly Parton: Tuesday is Wednesday at the Track

I was on time today! 
It's a new thing for me...this being on time stuff. It's my 2012 commitment. 

This past weekend, I read an article about Dolly Parton, who always makes it a point to be on time. She reported that her family, friends and colleagues say that if she's on time, she's late!
I love Dolly Parton
I admire her staying power.
Yeah, you go girl!
I don't have quite the same reputation for being "on-time". I'm the one people tell to come 1hour before the actual time 'cause they know how horrible I am when it comes to time. Forget inviting me to a surprise party - it'll get ugly! My step-father used to tell me:
"Kid, one day, your gonna be late for your own funeral!" 
Okay, you can puke, now!
But today, I was really proud of myself. I got to the track on time! I was there by 8:40AM. Coach wasn't even there yet! I did my two mile warm-up and by 9AM, I started my six 100meter strides. Hmm, still no sign of my coach.

I ran to my car, grabbed my beloved iPhone, called Coach and left a message that I was at the track. Then I started thinking.
My limbic brain was flooded with horrible run away emotional thoughts.
You know the ones, those "what if's":
What if he got in a car accident?
What if he's in the hospital?
What if something happened to his wife? Oh no, his daughter? No, his son-in-law?
"Oh God, please let my Coach and his family be okay."

Agh, I hate that. Those little moments where we terrorize ourselves with those 'what-if' questions. Ech!

Thank goodness it was really cold, about 25*F. It snapped some sense into me. I needed to start moving again if I wanted to stay warm, well warm-ish. Anyway, thank goodness my frontal lobe started to kick in  - to try to make some sense of the situation: Maybe Coach was on his way. Or maybe I missed an e-mail from him saying that he didn't want to be out in the cold....Hmmm....

I decided to coach myself. I ran four 300meter strides with 100meter jog at 6.40pace. Then, I gave myself a minute rest and repeated the torture. By the end, my legs were full of lactic acid and my lungs were burning.

I finished with a two mile cool-down and checked my iphone one more time. Yeay, I gotta call from Coach! I called him right back. The conversation went something like this:
Coach: "It's Tuesday. We meet on Wednesdays"
Me: "Nooo. It's Wednesday."
Coach: "No, it's Tuesday."
Me: "OMG, You're right!"
Coach: Laughing - no, actually, guffawing!: "I can't believe you stayed out there, on the coldest day of the year. I was going to suggest a treadmill run for tomorrow."
Me: "Oh my gosh, I can't believe I did that! Well, thank God your alright, I was so worried....."

I didn't tell Coach about my whole Dolly goal, but girl, 
I was more than on time today!

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