Monday, January 2, 2012

Soles4Souls Collection: A success story!

Did you know that shoes help prevent parasitic diseases that plague over 1.4 billion people worldwide?
Did you know that over 300 million children worldwide go without ever owning a single pair of shoes?
Did you know that in many countries, if you don't own shoes, you cannot attend school?
Well, that is why we (my children and some of their friends) volunteer every year to run an annual Soles4Souls Shoe Drive!
Throughout November, we put collection boxes in two local shoe stores: J.T. Murdoch Shoes. They have such a great selection of Uggs in this store.
Thank you, JT Murdoch Shoes!
and Fleet Feet. These guys are so knowledgeable and give the absolute best running advice.
Thank you Fleet Feet!
Girlfriend even got a new pair of sneaks at Fleet Feet!
We also put collection boxes in the local High School and Middle School. 
The collection culminated at the 2011 Ashenfelter Classic, the local traditional Thanksgiving Day run.

This year, hundreds of runners donated shoes.
I couldn't help but get choked up when I saw the bags 
and bags of shoes donated on race day!
We surpassed last year's collection by about 100 shoes!

The total overall number of shoes collected: An amazing 950 pairs! 

A very special thank you to Murdoch Shoes and Fleet Feet and all the people who make the Ashenfelter Classic such a great Thanksgiving Day race! This 2011 Soles4Souls Shoe Drive would not have been so wonderfully successful without all your help!
And all the kids who ...
Who went to Toys R Us to get boxes
Stuffed Boxes in their Jeep!
And packed over 50 boxes with shoes! Thank you!
These shoes are ready to be shipped out "around the corner and around the world" to those in need throughout the United States and in over 127 countries around the world, to make a difference with a simple gift - a gift of shoes!

It's easy to host a Soles4Souls Shoe Drive and I can't think of any better way than at a running event!
What runner doesn't have a pair of sneakers in their closet that 
would love to be needed again?

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