Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spring Semester 2012

Lots of research and reading during this first week back at school.
I never liked the Spring semester, it always seems to go on and on.
This Spring I have 4 classes - they all seem pretty interesting. They all seems do-able, except medical nutrition. My medical nutrition class looks as if it will be a huge challenge. My head is still spinning from yesterday's lecture.

It seems as if everyone else has some sort of clue as to what is going on, but me. The professor is using terms, abbreviations and codes that I am totally in the dark about.

So, to help myself, I've decided to update my resume and submit it to the nutrition department at one of the local hospitals. Maybe I will get lucky and get a volunteer position. Eventually, if they like me, I hope to be hired as a nutrition assistant. But for now, just volunteering in a clinical setting has gotta be helpful - I need to understand all this crazy medical nutrition terminology.

In the meanwhile, I have been training my fast twitch muscles to help me run faster in my next half marathon ... which is next month. Besides my weekly speed work, on the track, I have incorporated a weekly tempo run. I have been doing the tempo runs in my gym, on the treadmill and I have gained a new appreciation for the treadmill!

I am also still training the slow twitch muscles with long, 
slow runs and recovery runs. 

Out of all the runs, I like the long, slow runs the best. Lots of times, people ask me why I don't run with a group - heck a group meets practically at the end of my street every Sunday. Sometimes I think it would be really nice to have company on those long runs. Then again, sometimes I need those long solo runs to feel as if I can run away from - or "out run" my problems. I don't want to run with someone who vents their problems. I've read some of those "Go ask Miles" in Runner's World Magazine - and some runners are in such a pickle with their running partners! No thanks, I got enough of my own problems! That's why I love those long runs - some days (I try to) run away from my problems and sometimes I run straight through my problems and come up with solutions - go figure!
Aaah ...that's when those long quiet runs are so very satisfying.


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