Saturday, February 11, 2012

Friday: Getting ready for the Hilton Head Island Half Marathon

Early, like 7:30AM, I was at the doctors! Yup, even though girlfriend and I had an  11AM flight taking off from New York's LaGuardia airport to Hilton Head Island for my 9th state and 10th half marathon!

Yes, I was on time! 
In fact, my 'I wanna be like Dolly Parton Resolution' is going well! 
Not great, but well!

Anyway, the doctor's visit was for the Kessler Nutrition Assistant Volunteer position. I have to get my doctor's approval before I can volunteer - and since I haven't had a visit with my regular GP (general practitioner) since 2006, I had to get a general physical! Today, when I go back, my doctor will check my arm where I had a Mantoux test, and sign my "approval" papers.

Have you ever had a Mantoux test? With the Mantoux, the doctor pricks your arm with PPD tuberculin (it's like a purified version of TB) and if the skin stays red and raised or gets worse, you may have TB. To me, it looks like there are no sign of a raised or red bump - but I'm that person who thinks she has every disease you mention - as long as I hear it ...I think I have those symptoms. So snce Friday morning, I will look at my arm about 1zillion times before the doctor checks it Monday afternoon!

I guess focussing the Mantoux skin prick was a good distraction on the way down to South Carolina. I'm not that great a flyer - so with these half marathons in every state - I am pushing myself on so many levels - especially with flying. I don't mind, if I flying with both children, but mini-man had a wrestling match Friday night (he won, yeay!), and he had more training on Sunday, so he and my side-kick couldn't come. It was just girlfriend and me and by 11AM, we were off!
Flying to Hilton Head Island!
We arrived in Savannah International Airport, rented a Dodge Avenger from Avis and drove 1hour north to Hilton Head Island.

OMG! Hilton Head Island is so pretty. We stayed at The Westin at the Port Royal Plantation. ONLY $69 a night! I would love to go back in the summer, but the rates are probably 4-5 times higher! It was beautiful!
The Westin grounds were beautiful!
I wanna go back! I hate winter!
They thought 40*F(4.4*C) was cold! LOL!
Girlfriend enjoying flowers in February!
What a treat!
The Westin from the beach.
After check-in, we went to packet pick-up, collected the freebie t-shirt and went to the room - which was also lush! We had ocean views! I wanna go back - and I'm not  that much of a beach resort person. In the winter, beach resort areas, to me, are very depressing. I do NOT like to go to the Jersey Shore in the winter-time - it is very depressing! But Hilton Head Island was BE-A-U-TIFUL!

Anyway, when we got to the room, I pulled out my bib and wrote, 'Remembering Sherry Arnold'. I follow the blog, Shut Up and Run (SUAR),  and if you are running Saturday, February 11th, you could participate in a "virtual run" in honor of Sherry Arnold. Sherry was a runner, who lived in Montana. She went out for an early morning run and was abducted. I remember that day 'cause I went out for a run that day, too. That day stood out because I remember waving to the people I passed, but hardly anyone waved back. I remember thinking, "What's with everyone, these days?'

The next day, I read about Sherry. I remembered my run the day before and thought, 'What is going on with our country?' I felt so bad for Sherry and her family. In the days that followed, I learned that the blogger, SUAR, was Sherry's cousin. I read the SUAR blog each day - feeling terrible. I knew what they were going through ... the not knowing is simply torturous. My family and I know that pain all too well.

Just like my late husband John, Sherry was a good person. She was a school teacher - an active, positive member of her community. She was a mom. She was a fellow runner. And like John,
Sherry Arnold will not be forgotten!

So, by evening, everything was set for the Hilton Head Island Half Marathon. My sneaks, clothes, Garmin and my bib, Remembering Sherry Arnold.

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