Tuesday, February 21, 2012

GRIPE! Who needs a nap?

Okay, I've been studying for three weeks straight! 
I'm exhausted.

My Medical Nutrition exam grade, to me, was like an "F". I met with my professor and told her that I wanted to drop the class. She tried to talk me out of it, and gave me some great compliments, like, I'm too hard on myself and should stick it out because I was doing better than half the class. I thanked her for the votes of confidence, but I felt that staying up until 3AM was only getting me prepared to take a test. I didn't feel that I was learning everything I wanted to know.

So, looks like it's Medical Nutrition in the Fall 2012. 
Hey, sometimes you just gotta say, "Uncle".
I took another exam this morning in my Experimental Foods class. It was seven pages long! Talk about being burned out!
Experimental Foods: RH = Aw*100
Now, I am studying for my Nutrition Through the Lifecycles exam scheduled for Thursday.

It's odd. All this studying seems more exhausting than my track workouts! The recent lack of sleep isn't helping any, either. I just started to read a book by Heidi Skolnick and Andrea Chernus, "Nutrient Timing".
(Sssh, I know I am supposed to be studying the infertility problems surrounding diabetes, obesity and anorexia)
Anyway, the book brings out some good points. For example, it emphasizes that eating right, skill development, training and REST must be balanced. Resting includes 24hour recovery after strenuous exercise, as well as your 6-8 hour nightly sleeping routine. Lack of "REST" could set you up for poor training sessions, decreased immunity and injury.

It sounds so obvious, right? Still, I try to make up the lack of sleep with a more determined outlook on training,"I can rise above this tired feeling." Or, "I know ...I'll eat an orange - it's full of Vitamin C, it's rehydrating and packed with fiber. That will help me overcome this tired feeling." Unfortunately, that's not how it works because the only thing that we can do to make-up for inadequate REST is ...REST!
Who needs a nap?


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