Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Wednesday at the Track: Quick and EZ

My track work out was not so bad this week. I ran an easy 2mile warm-up and completed four 100meter strides. Then I ran what Coach called a "Potpourri" of sets.
In the first set, I ran 800meters at a 7min10sec pace and then jogged 400meters. Next, I ran 400meters at a 6min40sec pace and followed that up with a 200meter jog. And after that I ran 200meters at a 6min30sec pace and followed that up with a 100meter jog.

The second set was faster, but shorter. I ran 600 meters at a 6min40sec pace, followed up with a 200 meter jog. Next came a 300 meter run at a 6min30sec pace, followed up by a 100 meter jog and lastly, I ran 200 meters at a 6min20sec pace and jogged a full 400 meter lap.

I ended with a short cool down, 1mile or so, and called it a day.

I am scaling back in preparation for my 1/2 marathon in South Carolina on Saturday Morning @8AM! It's about 70*F (21*C) in South Carolina this time of year - I hope I can handle the 40*F(20*C) change in temperature. I'm excited and a little nervous. My goal this year is to break 1hour and 40minutes. I don't know if I can do it this time around, but I am going to put my best effort forward.
South Carolina, here I come!
The biggest thing that I changed over the last 10days is my effort to get sleep. I have been really trying to get at least 7hours per night. So, I hope this helps me in my race on Saturday. I felt really strong at the track - a whole bunch better than last week - so, I think the extra 2hours of sleep each night really helped.

Let's hear it for South Carolina! 
My 9th state and my 10th 1/2 marathon!


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