Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wednesday at the track: Speed/Tempo/Speed Trainer

I'm beat. Today's track work out was another tough one. Coach introduced it as his "Speed/Tempo/Speed Trainer". I love my Coach - he really cracks me up. Over the last few weeks, he has been naming his workouts for me - and their names are quite interesting. Last week, it was the "Torture Training Work Out" and today, it's the "Speed/Tempo/Speed Trainer".

But, the best conversations I had with Coach, today, had nothing to do with running. Nope! They had to do with babies ...
Coach is going to be a Grandfather!
What a miracle!
Coach's daughter is expecting. Today, he was telling me how his little grand-baby is about 5oz., his/her little fingerprints are developing, the skeleton is hardening into little bones and it's sense of hearing is also starting to develop. I can't help think about Psalm 139:13: "For you have created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother's womb."

In the past, whenever Coach would speak about his daughter, his whole face would light up. You can tell, how very proud he is of his daughter. Today, though, he was beaming more than ever before. He is simply ecstatic! I am so happy for Coach.
Isn't the miracle of life so very beautiful? 

Yeah well, all this nice, nice talk didn't make the workout any easier!

I started with an easy 1+mile warm up and went into my six 100meter strides. Then it started - The SPEED: I ran three 300meters at a 6'35"pace with a 100meter recovery jog between sets. After this, I jogged another 100meters to a trail, which is a little hilly, and started on The Tempo: I ran 2.13miles at a 7'20"pace. Whew! Not done yet. I jogged another 100meter recovery and continued with The SPEED: Just like before, I ran three 300meters at a 6'35"pace with a 100meter recovery jog between sets.
I was beat!

I welcomed the 1.5+mile cool down and couldn't wait to loosen up the legs with some plyometrics and stretches! I think I'm gonna hafta use my foam roller tonight, my muscles still feel the need for more loosening and some massaging! 

Looks like tonight, my foam roller and I will have a date!
May I have some muscle relief, please?
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