Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday at the track

It was a rough go on the track this morning - and this was very frustrating because it was so warm outside - it was 56*F (13.3*C)! I thought that I should have run faster in such beautiful weather.

Usually Coach says, "Run a 6:40'mile" and I try to run a 6:30'mile. 
Today, the track was swallowing me whole - like I was running in quicksand!
I wanted to give up, but my coach was yelling screaming, 
"C'mon, you're a few off, finish strong. Let's go, go, go!" 
It was depressing 'cause I usually hear him yell, "Back it off. You're too fast."

So, the workout was 2miles warm-up at 8:30'mile pace and the usual six 100meter strides. Then, I had to run six 800meters at a 6:40'mile pace with a 300meter recovery at about 9'mile (+) pace.

I maintained an average of about 6:43'mile pace and that was with an all out push. I felt like I was going to puke from all the H+ ions spilling into my blood. I couldn't wait to finish, so that I could just jog my easy mile cool down and stretch.

Overall, it was a good little workout. Keeping it real, here - I'll admit, I am glad it's over!


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