Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Wednesday: "Torture Training Track Work Out"

Wednesday's track work out was tough. Coach introduced the workout by calling it his 'Torture Training Track Workout'.
I'm in!
After my mile warm-up and six strides (which by the way, I did one 18sec 100meter stride!), coach had me run two track sets. The first set, he had me run for 19minutes, the second set, I ran for 8 minutes.

Each set was set up the same way: I ran for one minute, rested for a specified period of time, and then ran again for another minute. For each minute I ran, my rest became less and less. In the first set, it started as a 1minute rest and worked down to a 5second rest. In the second set, it started at a 45second rest and worked down to a 5second rest. I had to keep at least a 6'40"pace.

Coach wasn't fooling. He yelled,"Five more. Keep it strong." I scoffed. In my head I thought, "I can do this. This isn't so bad."

Then he yelled, "Last three." That's when I thought, "Okay, this is getting tough." But it wasn't until the final two minute runs that, with so little rest, my legs went numb - I could not feel them. I had no proprioception, whatsoever!
It was TOUGH! 
For the very last minute, he had to be a little more motivating, "C'mon. I said, 'GO'. Move it," he screamed, as he violently swung his arms. I guess he realized that it had to sink into my head that I was not done. Holy-Moly, I had one more minute of running at a 6'40"pace.

I rested for three minutes between sets.
And then the "Torture Training Workout" started up, again.

I finished with a mile cool down, some plyometrics (knee raises, backward runs, front hops, karaokes) and lots of stretching. I wanted to make sure I kept the blood circulating around my leg muscle to clear the lactic acid and avoid post exercise muscle soreness. Some believe that stretching after a strenuous work out allows you the time to refocus and de-stress and that the benefits of de-stressing is the actual component involved in lowering your risk of injury, not so much the stretch itself. From a personal perspective, I totally agree with that research - and it was fully employed after the "Torture Training Track Work Out"!


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