Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Back in the ER!

Today, I paid another visit to the ER. Twice in one month. This is a new record for me.
Last month, it was mini-man, with a broken clavicle.
Mini-man in the orthopedist's office
Today, it was girlfriend, with a concussion. 

She was so proud of herself, too. On the drive over to the hospital, she told me, "Mom, you should have seen me. You would have been so proud. I was blocking this boy, he is about 6feet 2inches tall. He jumped up to score a basket. I jumped to block him. I jumped so high. I actually knocked the ball away from the basket. The only thing, when he came down, he bumped into me and I went flying. First my elbows hit, then, my head. The next thing I knew, I was crying and the teacher was asking me if I knew what day it was. Why is it so foggy, out?"

Yeah, it's a crystal clear, sunny day, dear. Let's go for a ride to the ER ....
At least girlfriend's spirits are up!
This is my tough little drama queen. No girly hysteria, but definitely loaded with female whiles. See that hospital band, I'm sure it's gonna get a lot of play! It's the red hair. I swear her hair gives her secret powers ...secret, manipulative powers! Don't let that cute little smile fool ya'!

Anyway, the nurse checked her vitals, her vision, her balance, her eyes and ears. Then, they took girlfriend for some x-rays because she was complaining about having some pain in her neck. No dahling, that's me. I got on the subject as to why your English grade dropped!

Anyway, no CAT-scan because as time passed she got better, not worse, and because she didn't puke or lose consciousness - even though she was quite dazed after the fall. They told her no activity for at least seven days and to follow-up with her regular pediatrician.

Seven days! I feel bad for girlfriend, she just joined the crew team and was working out steadily. She was really feeling good about it too - I was so excited for her. Girlfriend is pretty athletic, she can catch, throw and sprint pretty fast, but she never wanted to be involved in sports. After years and years of trying to get her to play a sport, she is finally on a team. And now, she is sidelined. We all know how awful that feels.
Even the Greats get sidelined!
If someone told me that I couldn't do anything for at least a week, I would probably be Full-Crazed! I once had a professor who told me I should take yoga ...it would "calm" me. He just didn't get it. My idea of gaining peace and calm is running. The more peace and calm I need, the harder or longer I run.

Girlfriend doesn't have a problem with rest. 
Someone tells her to take it easy ....she is on it! 
Full force!
Heal quickly, baby!
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