Friday, March 16, 2012

Fruit Food Facts Friday: A healthy glow

Don't you love the rosy cheeks and healthy glow you get after you go for a run? 

I have been known to go into those expensive cosmetic-up stores and ask the salesperson, "Do you have the kinda' of blush that will make me look like I just finished running about five miles!"
"Nope, not in this store hunny!"
Well maybe, if I eat more fruits and veggies, I won't need any blush! That's because according to researchers from the University in St Andrews, in Scotland, the pigments in certain fruits and veggies are not only beneficial for their phytochemical, anti-oxidant fighting powers, but can also add pigment to your skin's tone, plump up skin and fight wrinkles! 
No spray tan for me, Snooki!
Wow! The pigments in fruits and veggies can give you that healthy-looking, just ran 5 miles, glow. Okay, the researchers from the University in St Andrews did not actually compare the healthy fruit and veggie glow to that look you get after running 5 miles ...that was my spin, but still.

The fruits and veggies that promote rosy skin tones are tomatoes, carrots and red peppers. Carotenoids, the phytochemicals that give these fruits and veggies their distinct color, not only help the body fight sickness, but also help give you a rosy-glow!

And to get a smoother, more plump look to your skin, head for an alligator pear, otherwise known as avocado. I love avocado for its creamy texture and also because it is a great source of Vitamins B, E and K. Avocado also provides essential fatty acids which helps increase HDL(good cholesterol), while lowering LDL(bad cholesterol).

And how about wrinkles? These are cute wrinkles ....
When they are on my face, they're not so cute!

According to the researchers at the University of St Andrews, Vitamin C has wrinkle-fighting powers. Fruits most high in Vitamin C include peppers and strawberries. Unfortunately, not all peppers were created equally. Red peppers have twice the amount of Vitamin C than green peppers! And one red pepper has about 3X more Vitamin C than a medium sized orange!

Strawberries are also high in Vitamin C, and they contain ellagic acid, which according to this same research, can increase your skin's ability to hold moisture and fade dark spots.
Wow! I REALLY love Strawberries!
I always look for Organic when I buy Red Peppers and Strawberries because they are both on the Dirty Dozen list (not the movie!). The Dirty Dozen is a group of fruits and veggies that are recognized as those which consistently carry high levels of pesticide residues.

Since I want to get every ounce of out of my 'looks like I just ran about five miles', rosy-cheek-plumping, wrinkle-fighting, moisture-adding, dark spot-fading fruits and veggies, I'm going for the organic, non-pesticide-ridden types to make sure I'm healthy inside and out!

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