Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Wednesday at the track: Runners in the mist

It always fascinates me that the closer we get to warmer days, more people come out to run on the track. Then, once the New Jersey hazy, hot and humid days set in, the numbers drop back down, again.

This week, we have had unseasonably warm weather, from 60*F(15.5*C) to 75*F(23.8*C). I was even shocked this morning when I looked out my window and saw the purple plum in front of my house already in bloom!
Purple plum in the morning mist!
Even though it was really misty out when I got to the track, there were still lots of runners. I guess the warmer weather motivated them to start their "yogging" routine this week and they forged ahead, even in the mist. Kudos for them!

 It's definitely wild, Anchor Man!
It also never ceases to amaze me how many men will speed up to either not let you pass them, or to try to stay ahead of you. I just want to yell over to them:

"Dude, I'm out here all winter long. 
Even if you pass me, you will not be able to keep that pace up!"

I can see why one of the women with whom I train always looks to beat the guys. And I quote, "The younger, the better. I love to beat the guys! It's all about the win, you know?" 
She is super fast. 
She trains tough. 
She is in great shape. 
She deserves to beat anyone she can!

Well, once I warmed up and ran my 6 strides, the new peeps on the track figured out they should keep the 1st lane open for the crazy lady, who was drooling and had snot running from her nose. Hey, what can I say ...I was focussed on my pace and Coach had me running at a pretty good pace today.

My workout consisted of three sets. For each set, I had to run four 300meters. After each 300meters, I jogged 100meters. The first set of 300meters was at a 7minute mile pace, the second set was at a 6:40minute mile pace and the third set was at a 6:30minute mile pace.
Whew! What a workout!

After my mile(+) cool down and some stretches, I left the track with my legs feeling tight, as if I had the leg muscles of an 18year old boy. 
Cool, right? 
Now, if only I could get my BUTT to look that tight!


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