Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wednesday at the track: Unplugged!

I'm still not over last Friday morning's leg work out. It was my first leg workout, with weights, in three weeks and I guess I was a little over zealous with the power cleans and goblet squats. My lower back is still tight and my legs still feel heavy. Since I'm running in a local 10K on Sunday, I hope my legs recover. I guess that's why when Coach told me what my workout was going to be today, I said, "Really? You know I'm running in that race on Sunday, right?"

Just a little tired going into Sunday. Hello?
Coach wasn't swayed by my sad, pleading look, "Yeah, yeah, yeah. C'mon, six strides."
Thank goodness he doesn't own a whip!

After my mile warm-up, and six strides, I had to run, "unplugged" for 15minutes. I could use my Garmin to keep track of my time, mileage and pace, I just couldn't look at it.

You know when someone mentions something that you can't do, how you want to do it all the more? All I could think of was my watch.

Garmin withdrawals!
This was really a lot harder to do than I thought. I kept thinking in a low whisper to myself, like Coach could hear my thoughts, "Just one peek. See how fast you're going. Look, now. Yeah, when your across the track, Coach won't see."
Look.     Look.     LOOK!

I'm proud to say, I didn't give in to that annoying inner voice. I just told her to shut up, keep running and BREATHE!

After fifteen minutes of this psychological and physical torture, I accumulated 1700meters. My pace was about 7min17sec/mile. I got a 4minute rest before had to run three more sets and now I could look at my Garmin. YEAY!
I love my Garmin!
In the next three sets, I had to run 1/2 of whatever distance I covered in the fifteen minute run at about a 7min10sec/mile pace. Between each of the last three sets, I got a 2minute rest!

After the track work out, I ran a 1.25mile cool down, stretched and couldn't wait to head home. I was wiped! It's been about 20*F hotter than normal for the last couple of days, and I think that has something to do with feeling extra tired.

I'm glad the rest of the week is only full of 4mile runs, which should give my legs plenty of rest for Sunday's 10K.


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