Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wednesday at the track: Fuzzy, Fast & Furious!

Today, it felt as if my track work out went by in the blink of an eye. The Special Olympics were being held where I normally train on Wednesday mornings, so I met Coach at another local track. I drove, to this other local track, parked and started my 2mile warm-up. I had something like a hot flash (yeay), so the cool 50*(10*C) temp felt great!
The Fuzzy:
I'm fortunate. I'm not a true allergy sufferer. My nose doesn't get all stuffy, my sinuses don't ache from pain and my throat doesn't get scratchy. Unless ....the pollen count is really up there. Today's count:
It's not like I suffer terribly, but my eyes & sinuses do burn and my head kinda gets like a fuzzy feeling. I'm blaming it on the Oaks - it rolls around the streets like tumbleweed and then the landscapers blow it up into the air with their leaf blowers, so you can get a nice good dose in your face when your running by!
Love the Oaks, Hate Their Sperm Cells!
So, when I finished my warm-up and dove into my 100meter strides, I felt very fuzzy. This was no time for fuzzy - Coach planned a fast and furious work out: 12 sets of 200meters at 42-44second pace. Each set had a 200meter jog to give the 'ole ticker a break.

The Fast & Furious:
I wasn't alone, Ms Fast-ee Pants was there ..."Wish you came a bit earlier, we could have run together."
Wait, she schools me when I'm not all fuzzy!
Seeing the horror in my face after her suggestion, and hearing my time for one set, Ms Fast-ee Pants went with some encouraging words, "See, your doing the same pace, we could have done this together." Thanks for the vote of confidence, but if you haven't noticed ....

this is what I look like when I'm doing my sets:
Feel my pain!
while this is what Ms Fast-ee Pants looks like doing her sets:
Only 12 sets, really, that's it?
Yes, that is one happy whippet!

She was right, though. It's nice to have someone next to you - you get to push each other along. Besides, I like training with her - even if my social skills are not quite up to par ...I just gotta work on getting that talking and gasping for air thing down pat.

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