Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Wednesday at the Track: Running with Ms Fast-ee Pants

I had a lovely little 1.5mile warm-up this morning. After my warm-up, I grabbed my water bottle filled with 1/2water-1/2Gatorade and trotted up to the track. Coach was already on the track, he was training someone I had never met before. We shook, introduced ourselves, Coach gave this person her orders, and off she went. Then, he looked at me and said that he wanted me to train with "HER". Nooo, not Ms Fast-ee Pants. I won't be able to keep up. Why?
Your gonna train with HER. You're gonna be her pacer!
Aahhahahahahaha! I'm gonna pace HER? Yeah, right!

The person I'm speaking of is not the new person, I just met. Nope. The person I am speaking of is the woman whom I have quoted before as saying, "I just love to beat the guys! The younger, the better!"
Oh, God ...I'm Scared!

Okay, I got through five 100meters. Ms Fast-ee Pants was very complimentary, "Oh. You're a much faster sprinter than I." Hello? I'm breathing like I'm dying here and you look like you just went for a nice stroll. Plus, as soon as we jogged back, she was into the next stride. I think I heard her say, "Don't wait for it." 
Okay, Yeah, (Major Panting) I'm right ....behind ya'!
Next, we moved on to six 300meters. Each one, we had a 100meter recovery jog. This is where it really got embarrassing. Ms Fast-ee Pants is gearing up for Boston. I think the idea here for me setting the pace was to make sure she didn't go too fast, but still kept up some speed. We had to run for each of the 300meters in 1'12".

Yeah, I ate her dust for all six 300meters. And the 100meter recovery, she was like still running, and talking, like she just went for a nice little jog. Me? Hah! I was thinking of plans on how to escape to my car without anyone noticing.
I apologized, "I'm not doing you any good. I'm not a good pacer."
"And by the way, how can you still be talking?
See I can't find any air!
I think there's just none circulating around me ...GASP this time!"

The torture continued, as Ms Fast-ee Pants schooled me on the 4 X 1/4mile hill training Coach assigned in the next part of our workout. If I were as fast as she, I bet you she would have kept up conversation the whole time. It made no sense for her to be yelling to someone lagging two yards behind - okay, so maybe it was three, or five, or six yards behind, but who's counting?
My legs are burning!
Next, we jogged back to the track for four more 300meters. These were also run within 1'12" with a short 100meter recovery jog in between.
Then, that was it. We were done. We did it.
I did it!
I hung in there with the amazing Ms Fast-ee Pants.
I hung in there!
Ms Fast-ee Pants truly is amazing - in more ways than just running fast. She is a strong female and a female role model on many levels - above and beyond the running. But, let's face it, she's fast!
Good Luck in Boston, Ms Fast-ee Pants! 
I'll be rooting for you!

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