Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Wednesday at the track: Slow and thick!

Well, today, I was off. I ate too many rich foods this past weekend, and I have been paying for it for the last three days. My Crohn's has been super active. I'm dehydrated, in pain and slow as molasses.
Slow and thick!
Even Coach had to rearrange my workout because I couldn't run as fast as I was supposed to run.

Today, I ran a warm up mile(+) and then six 50meter strides. After those strides, I did four 100meter strides. Then I was supposed to run five 800meter sets with a 200meter recovery jog between each set. The 800meters were supposed to be done in 3':10". I ran the first one, okay. But then, I completely fell off the charts on the second and third set, running the 800meters in 3':50" ...or more.

Coach told me to stop. He told me to run the next 1600meters, in 400meter intervals, with a "standing" minute and a half recovery.
I felt so disappointed in myself.
Sorry, girlfriend, but today really sucked!
I felt a little better for the next two sets, and for the last two 400meters, I was able to finish in 1':35". I just couldn't sustain that speed for 800meters. Aaagh, a new goal to master.

I was supposed to run 1mile cool-down, but instead, 
I needed to just take my time, go slow, 
and run two more miles. 
I did something different during that two mile cool-down. I didn't jog on the paved path, instead, I ran along the edge of the path, on the dirt, grass and gravel. I took my time. I navigated over the rocks, through the dead, broken and dried up branches, and around the tree roots and stumps. I felt like a little kid, playing in the park.
It was refreshing!
I think I need to do that more often. Next time, I'm taking off the Garmin, putting some soulful blues on the iPod, and taking my time.
Sometimes you gotta go slow, to go fast!
(I hope so 'cause Sunday is a 10K and Coach's goal for me is a 7'mile!)
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